DGMD-10, Part 2

Assignment post from Harvard Fall 2016 course, DGMD -10.

Thought I’d share process and perspective behind my photos. I’ve included the text I submitted alongside, unedited. I never did receive feedback on my questions.

Objective & Deliverables

  • An architectural image
    • Some red things in the alley
  • A landscape that captures the natural or man-made world
    • A picture of light through a Vietnamese restaurant window-the shadow of the light through the letters… THE SHADOW!!!
  • A portrait (one photo) 
    • My nephew
  • Street photography
    • Night liquor store in Cambridge
  • Shapes
    • Harvard Stadium and light around a door
  • I included extras (the swans and the selfie) because I have questions: 
    • I didn’t know if I should add details as comments for each photo. My shape pictures are going for an “L” like shape-the gate in Harvard stadium and the L-shaped light around a door.
    • I like the overblown lighting because I think it is neat when it isolates moments in focus. 
    • I like the moment of the swan necks under/above the water line. It was hard to tinker with the exposures in Lightroom with this one because I only was really interested in that moment and not skilled at isolating it in Lightroom without losing the shadows of the mallards on the ledge and the delicate ripple patterns on the surface of the water.



Images are my own. Fall 2016, Cambridge, MA