DGMD-10, Part 1

Assignment post from Harvard Fall 2016 course, DGMD -10.
Thought I’d share process and perspective behind my photos. I’ve included the text I submitted alongside, unedited.

Portrait A: is my dog because he’s a character and real to me. [Turns out, this one was supposed to be a human. They didn’t specify, and *this* greyhound and *that* greyhound are my lives and deserve portraiture.)


Portrait B: selfie-It’s not perfect. In class, we were talking a bit about the imperfect-aesthetic choices, sticking with the camera shake or the out of focus quality. That intrigues me and I’m sure there’s more of a finesse than is seen in these images. Overall, I’m really into shooting light and its refractions/reflections off sheer or transparent shapes/forms/walls/surfaces.


Images are my own. Fall 2016, Cambridge, MA